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The 2021 Student Success Summit Panelist Discussion


Colin Overweg, CFP® - Founder of Advize Wealth Management

Justin Castelli, CFP® - Founder of RLS Wealth Management

Maddy Roche - Senior Director at XY Planning Network

Hosted by:

Stephanie Trexler, CFP® - Founder of Golden Goose Wealth Planning

The discussion starts with introductions of the panelist and then quickly pivots toward how to network with fellow advisors by keeping an abundance mindset.

"The financial planning industry is a nobel profession and we are here to change the lives our clients and their families. We need to fix what the school system won't" - Justin.

The conversation then leads into how to find a niche and whether that is important to be successful as a firm owner. Things we wish we knew getting into the industry and recommendations for new advisors.

Does your fee model matter? And do you need to start working at an RIA our of college?

Maddy explains the importance of being authentic and that its okay to "act the same at work as you do in real life!"

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