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Bad News and Great Markets -Article #10

In 2020...

  • The World experienced an awful pandemic claiming over 2 million lives;

  • The US economy in Q2 decreased at an annual rate of 33% (GDP) amid unprecedented lockdowns;

  • The Market dropped by 34%;

  • Extreme civil unrest;

  • Political divide;

Meanwhile, the market rallied 70% from March 23rd to year-end and finished +18%!


2020 was full of terrible news and the markets continued to climb.

Literally, as I am writing this, our Nation's Capital is being attacked by rioters and the market is up!

The markets are truly heartless and unpredictable - they always have been.When Hitler invaded Poland in 1939, markets went up 9.5%!

In a recent podcast from Josh Brown he states, "the stock market looks at tragedy as something to price in and move on from".

He goes on to say, "The longer I'm doing this, the less confidence I have in my ability to figure out what this alien stock market is going to do in the wake of a major event. And I think it takes a level of humility and maturity to reach that point as an investor, and I come closer to reaching that point with every passing day."My Sincere Advice

  • You're opinion about current events is not an investment strategy

    • Focus on what you CAN control

    • Only use the market as a long term (10yr+) wealth building tool

  • Have an Emergency

Happy Building Wealth!

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